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Boyne Mountain – 14th Annual Everett Kircher Cup, Slalom Race – February 3, 2019

Named after the founder of Boyne, Everett Kircher, this slalom race will take place on the hill that started it all in Northern Michigan, Hemlock. Still regarded as the premier race hill in Northern Michigan, Hemlock always provides plenty of challenge for top racers from all over the state and beyond.

There will be divisions for men and women as well as age categories. The winners in the open divisions for men and women will have their names etched on the Kircher Cup.

For more information email Cary Adgate at OR Dan Turcott at

On-line pre-registration and additional information will be available approximately 30 days prior to the race.


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More News From Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands

Additional News From Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands >>>>


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Friday 8th November 2019, 16:54

Boyne Mountain Resort

Winter has arrived! ❄️ ... See MoreSee Less

Winter has arrived! ❄️


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Beautiful resort and yuck to winter!!!😋😋😋

Yes!! Absolutely!! Think we could convince Cody to ski if we go?

It's so beautiful....


So gorgeous ❄❄❄


Love this place❤️



WOW ! Michigan Winter Wonderland in early November. 15 feet of snow would suit me fine

Yes!! Hopefully opening soon


Nice especially when you’re able to help Mother Nature

We should make a trip Jennifer 'Cayo' Larsen!

Can't wait. Well, I guess I have to, since you didn't send me my season ticket yet....


Making snow at mount La Crosse


Hope not

My yard is open. Are you open?

Clorie Clemmer Benner Robert Clemmer Bonnie Clemmer Jim Benner Joe Clemmer here it is! They are making snow as well LOL

Adele Briseno Garza

Brandon Thornton


Whitney Rottiers

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Thursday 7th November 2019, 16:45

Boyne Mountain Resort

Our hardworking crew has been making snow since 1am, and will continue to put in the hours as long as Mother Nature allows! ... See MoreSee Less


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Prospective opening date????

I know some boys that will be happy thanksgiving weekend.

Ya'll work so hard this time of year I bet no one ever thinks of how hard you work as they are skying down that mountain. Ya'll do a great job

Woo hoo! I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving!

💙♥️💙♥️💙 THANK YOU !!!


Amanda Cowan something Jac might like to see. All his fresh powder being made ❄❄ Were so excited!

The blizzard coming down tonight should help!!!

Can't wait to visit!

Yeah!!! Keep it up!!❤️⛷

Can’t wait!!!

Mike Cook can u believe they are blowing snow out of those heaters..

Send it!!!

Kristin Cicala

Rachael Kindler

Tim Seguin I see you!

Lauren Morley

Loren Welsheimer where’s you’re video?

Aaron Sinclair Brandt R. Sclater Derek Shupe

Mark Orlando Joe Kremer Jr.

Beto Rhodes vamos!

I have been watching them do this on the Boyne Mountain Live video cams. I saw them out this morning before day break changing the directions of the snow machines. I'm just wondering how many inches of snow that these snow machines can put out overnight.

Bittersweet (SOUTH of Grand Rapids) is in the running to open first! As early as next Wednesday the 18th. Can you beat them?? I am ready today, if you are!!!! 🙂

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Thursday 7th November 2019, 10:42

Boyne Mountain Resort

Can you hear that?! That's the sound of our roaring snowguns cranking out the good stuff! ❄️💪 ... See MoreSee Less


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Seeing the lights when I woke very very early was like “seeing the sunrise” couldn’t wait to enjoy my coffee ☕️❄️

Praying for snow paid off this year!! Let the flakes fly! ❄️❄️

I knew you Ski Resorts were Elated with this snow event !! Have fun !!

Oh man!! I can hear those snowguns humming in my mind. That's what I call ski Jedi !!⛷️🤘

THAT, is a beautiful sight!❤!!

The fam is stoked to shred! This year our 15 month old will be joining 😊🏂 #firsttimeshredder

See you on opening day...CAN’T WAIT!!! ❄️❤️🏂

Melissa! Can't wait for Christmas time!😍🤗

Whattttt I just received a badge for Boyle mountain top fan? Stoked!

We love Boyne❤️

Hear we come Boyne⛷✌

Yes yes yes! Let’s start bumping chairs

Yep got the Mountain View right behind me and I'm watching to make snow

When are you guys expecting opening day to be?


Yeah!! Keep going!!!❤️🎿

❄️☃️❄️ Let it snow!!!

Looking forward to coming back on March break

Chad Heberer

Can’t wait

the base the base

Ski Ha!!!!!!!!

the Boyne Low E Fan Gun

Wrong run, one more to the north


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Tuesday 5th November 2019, 16:42

Boyne Mountain Resort

It won't be long until these chairs start spinning again!
📸 11/3/19
... See MoreSee Less

It wont be long until these chairs start spinning again!
📸 11/3/19


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I see solid snow-making temps in the 5-day forecast

Celebrating New Years there again and can't wait

The competition to open first in Michigan (lower peninsula) has begun 🙂 Looks like we have 3+ competitors and it may be growing!

Let’s do it get those chairs moving

Now we just need you to replace disciples 1 & 2 with some high speed lifts to actually make the back side skiable. The lift times are horrid.

Can’t wait

Stoke factor on the rise!!⛷️🤘

Fire those guns up! ❄️ ❄️❄️

Been snowing two days up near traverse this week

I'm gonna be stayijg there next week building the new boardwalk. Do you think you will be open next week at all so I can do some night riding after work? Would love to get some early season riding in!

Hemlock next Friday would be fun🙏, but my guess is thanksgiving.

Turn on the snow guns!!!


Jacob Danik if they have snow when u go north that may very well change my mind last minute



Sienna Sears

Turn on the guns!!!

Opening day prediction?

Russell Donelson Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

Landon Paul


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